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What do we do?

We write letters full of optimism to people all over the world, only to try to make them happy or at least to make them smile. Is that simple and it is for free!


Our letters are almost anonymous; they are signed by “the Life”, and they are characterized by the red corners on the envelope and the letter itself. Each letter is hand-written and there are no duplicates, each letter is unique!. The only common thing among the letters is the cheerful, good willing and optimistic message in them!

We do not write any political, religious, advertising or empowerment letters.

We address the letter to whoever needs to cheer up, even if the effect last for just a brief moment!


Why is it called “Esquinas Rojas” (Red Corners)?

It is simple.

Everything has to do with the expression “your fate could be around the corner”. We want to emphasize the corners of our letters as a metaphor of that expression. That’s why paint it red. We like to think that our letter could be that “corner”, the inflexion point of someone’s life.


Are we a NGO? No! We are a NFO.

Usually a NGO are distinguished by the realization of tasks that governments are not attending, either because they can’t or they don’t care. The specific weight of a NGO is therefore of extreme relevance.

We are not a NGO. We are a NFO; Non-Familiar Organization. The philosophy is much like a NGO, but what make us different is that we don’t take over any un-attended need of governments.  We take over on a different area; peoples happiness!

The conception of a family goes beyond a genealogic tree. It is about love, trust, support, respect, values.  Same concepts as the ones that should be in a friendship or relationship.

It is impossible to replace the virtues of such close circles. This NFO wants to contribute with a simple joy that may not be able to come form them. To make smile another person, to provoke a mixed response of joy and curiosity, just like the kind you may have from one of you close circles.

We believe that everyone will feel great with a pat on the back or by receiving a show of affection.

This is exactly what an NFO does.

Did you received a Esquinas Rojas letter?

If you received a letter from Esquinas Rojas, and you were curious enough to search the internet for information. Congratulations! You have found us!

You have received the letter because someone has asked us to send you one of our letters.

It is very likely that it is from someone who appreciates you a lot, and who wants to make you smile or give you encouragement!

We hope we have achieved it!

Do you have any doubt? Do you want to tell us your reactions to the letter? Do you want to help too?

Write us an email to:


Open letter from the founder…the idea

I have lived abroad for many years, away from my family and friends. Even so, I am lucky to be able to frequent them and, therefore, know about their lives and receive the words of encouragement when I need them.

However, I think about all people who do not have that possibility, and who need encouragement or who simply need to receive some words from life with which they overcome their problems.

That’s why I like the idea that when someone receives a signed letter from life, they can get excited and glad to know that someone thinks about it.

Jaime Rodriguez


  • Surprise, fill with joy and motivate someone in an unexpected way.
  • Spread the concept NFO


  • Send a letter to the farther place in the world!


  • Surprise, joy, encouragement


Would you like to help?

You can help us in many ways, some of them very easy! All of them very important!

Options to help us that we understand are difficult…

  • Send us material for the letters. Paper sheets, envelopes and post stamps is all what we need. Pens are useful too!

Send them to our office

Carrer de Escipió 6,  1 – B

Cp 08023

Barcelona, Barcelona (España)

  • Monetary contribution. We don’t ask for a monthly fee or big quantities. You can make a difference even with 1 €.

Options to help us that require a little effort

  • Let us know a postal address of someone who may needs to put a smile on his face! We will send him one of our letters!
  • Write a letter!. Write a letter with positive words and cheerful thoughts. It can’t contain religious, political, advertising or empowerment ideas. We will do a brief inspection to overview if it meets our standards. If it does we will use it and write it down!

Options to help level “come on! Its easy cake!”; very easy

  • We are open for improvement ideas!. Do you think we can do better? Tell us how! We want to hear you!
  • Share our webpage on social media. Give us a like on our facebook fan-page (http://www.facebook.com/esquinasrojas) and our instagram @jaime.esquinas.rojas  and recommend your friends to do it as well! 2 clicks make a difference!



Why do you send the letters by mail? Couldn’t you just leave them in the mailboxes?

We can do it of course, and we can save some money by doing so. However, we think that if we do it that way, a little bit of magic get lost in the process, and we like to send the letter in the old fashion way.



How many letters do you send?

It depends of the petitions and material available. Sometimes 1 per week, sometimes 10!


Are there any other NFO?

Under this denomination, probably not, because we create this concept. But we consider that there are some other on-going projects that may fit the concept, such as couch surfing. It is a non lucrative project which is meant to give shelter for free to travelers, just as a relative or a friend may do. Therefore, it is a NFO


Did you receive a letter of “Esquinas Rojas” (red corners)?

If you received one of our letters and you were curious enough to google-it. Congratulations! You just found us!

The letter you may receive it for 2 reasons

  • That we choose your address just randomly.
  • Someone asked us a letter for you.

Both reasons have only one purpose, to cheer you up or just to make you smile. We hope we achieve that!

Do you still have doubts? Do you want to share your reaction to the letter? Do you want to help too?





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